Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm Back

Just a quick note to say...I am still here!

For the past 2 weeks, I have been horribly sick with the flu...for the 5th time. Yes, you have read it right, the 5th time. I will never ever ever go a year without the flu shot again! This has been absolutely the worst year for me with regards to the flu. And right now, my hubbie is sick with the flu. I have honestly never seen him this sick - he has pretty much slept away the last 2 days. My two neices who are visiting are also sick...and gosh, they are so darn cute. It hurts my heart to have them sniffling.

And little Danielle has now come down with the flu too. Her fever has been hovering between 38.4 and 39.8 C - she is my spunky shadow and for her to be crying at the drop of a hat or lying lethargic, it is so unusal. Again, it makes me so sad.

So a quick post but I will be back tomorrow with the March Reveal at Scrap Shotz. I have so much to share...lots of pictures and projects...the next few days will be busy and fun!

Good night everyone!


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