Monday, October 15, 2012

Natural Light: Week 4

Well this is a bittersweet moment...week 4...gulp... Before I post my last images I must say a big thanks to Sarah and Brooke. This has been a wonderful class and I have enjoyed every moment of it! Thank you!

For this assignment, I chose to shoot outdoors. The weather has been questionable, cloudy and grey skies...but I wanted to give it my best. Here are a couple of silhouettes which I have fun doing. Now I must qualify that these were shot around mid-day (4 pm-ish) so I didn't capture the setting or rising sun but there was a break in the thick cloud cover so I took my chances!

Here is the original shot with an auto white balance.

And here it is again with my white balance as tungsten (I believe?)

And yes I made my daughter jump a third time to shoot with a white balance of kelvin! (The things I do to capture the shot!)

I really hope I captured the essence of the assignment - thanks again Sarah and Brooke for 4 fabulous weeks of shooting and learning!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Natural Light: Week 3

Wow, the Natural Light course from Brooke Snow is almost over - it is hard for me to believe as I am really loving the exercises. Now I am not saying they are easy but each assignment has made me stop and pause before I press the that is a good thing.

This week we were challenged to capture an image using contrasting light that draws attention to the subject. I was rather fascinated by the discussion on sun bursts and wanted to give that a try. Did I succeed? I don't know. The image below is close to what I wanted but not quite...and I had not a clue on how to edit it so left it as is other than resizing it for the web. Any tips you can give me to edit such image would be greatly appreciated!

So here is the image and I know it is a big no-no to post 2 images but here is my reasoning. Compositionally, I like this image better from a compositional point of view...and I like the drama of the sky but I like the spiky sun rays of the second image better!

While I love the spikey sun rays of this image better, I do not like the sun to be in the dead centre of my image and I could see the power pole in the back. Yes I was trying to be careful about composing my shot but if truth be told I felt myself going blind by shooting directly into the sun even though I was pushing some button that limits the light into my lens! And, I suppose I could have cropped the image but then I wondered if the image was too dark so I found myself in a bit of a conundrum! 

Anyways I am keen to hear your feedback this week as I wasn't very happy with my results this week...and Sarah, I am deeply sorry for your are in my thoughts and prayers.