Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back Home Safe And Sound

After what felt like a very long drive yesterday and a serious lack of sleep this past week, we are all home safe and sound!

The girls cried in the van as we left the driveway...they were actually crying or moaning all morning as they said good bye to their special summer friends and their cousins, my brother's girls. And I don't blame them because I am feeling very very sad, depressed, down in the dumps that we are back home. Not because I don't like our home but I love being in Saskatchewan. It will always be home for me. I love the people. I love the relative safe lifestyle my girls' experience every year. I love the special relationship they share with my Mom and their cousins/aunt/uncle. There are so many things I love about Saskatchewan...until our next visit...

In the coming weeks, I will share some special photos I took while on vacation and hope to scrap them very soon.

On another note, it was fun to come home and see the perennials that I worked so hard on blooming beautifully in the yard...or the matured veggies in my garden...the waaaay overgrown shrubs in the front...

It was a very busy day for me today as I attended an all day Copics Certification class. It was awesome! The ladies there were super fun! Sherrie, the instructor was fantastic...and the Copics...what can I say? I am addicted! LOL After the class, I zipped over to the Farmers Market to buy our fruits and veggies...and to the Coop to pick up my prescription. It was such a busy busy day and I am super tired, over tired really so in a day or two, I'll be back to normal!

And it was great to hear from my brother that he and his family arrived home safe and sound...I have the cutest nieces in the world...but then I am a bit partial!

Thanks for dropping by! I'll be posting some scrappy projects in the next day or two! I've been scrapping!


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