Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Neglected! ***WARNING: Photo Heavy****

My poor blog has been sorely neglected these past (almost!) 2 months! I've been SO incredibly busy!

For Easter, we vacationed in Orlando. Gosh, it was absolutely divine being in Florida; I would happily vacation there 2 to 3 times a year! :-) Highlights were NASA, DisneyWorld water parks, outlet mall shopping and lazing in the pool EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! You just can't beat that :-)

Here are a few pictures for you from Orlando - I continue to work on my photography every day. Besides scrapbooking and quilting, photography is true therapy for me.

The girls first Easter egg hunt on the golf course of Mystic Dunes. There were over 2500 eggs hidden and a grand prize for the greatest number of balls collected. Not sure of the reasoning but girls went for the golf balls. We did however learn that Danielle is one heck of a runner!

Danielle's highlight was meeting Rapunzel. It must divine intervention because there IS a princess who loves purple as much as Danielle! Yes, it 'tis true! (Can you see the pride on Danielle's face?)

A rare photographic feat - a family photo! The Disney photographer kindly used my camera to snap a family shot of us! I love it!

Madison surprised me by jumping into the street party put on by the Disney characters and boogied down!

My personal highlight was going back to NASA! To be THIS close to the shuttle, Endeavour...wowsers! The day was surreal - I loved every moment of it. The best part? It put how Science and Math works in our everyday life into perspective for Madison and Danielle.

The weather was divine - hot, hot, hot! And nothing cooled us off better than hanging at Blizzard Beach,  one of 2 Disney water parks. OMG, it was THE best!

We splurged and took in Cirque du Soleil - amazing is all I can say, absolutely amazing!

To Madison and Danielle, a vacation is perfect if there is a warm pool in the sun. If I didn't know better one would think Danielle had gills. Madison loves floating on the warm water, basking in the sun. Yeah, it's a tough life! LOL

Yes, I have been scrapping and have lots to share. I also have pictures from Tennessee where we attended Destination ImagiNation, a truly profound experience!

Thanks for your patience and dropping by!

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