Monday, June 27, 2011

Lifestyle Photography

This week's challenge is Point of View and Less is More. I took some time to review the video tutorials, to digest the material and then brainstorm what I would shoot that was marginally interesting. I chose to document Danielle learning to ride her RockBoard (pssst! I love the RockBoard - it is rockin' fun even for a Mom!) :-)

I wasn't sure if we were to crop the images so I didn't - but I would like to know for next week???

For Point of View, my initial shot is of my husband teaching Danielle how to ride her RockBoard. (Given that I taught her how to rider her 2-wheeler, the hard work is all done!)

Then the fun began! I actually felt like papparazzi, like I had some idea of what I was doing and truth be told, I really enjoyed thinking through the different points of view to shoot.

For this shot, I was crouched on the ground working to snag a side shot with her Dad briskly walking behind her.

With this shot, I was in the grass, perhaps a verrrrry loose frame??? but I felt this image added so much to the story with my husband rubbing her boo boo after a particularly nasty spill.

And I love this shot from behind and slightly above of my husband putting a reassuring hand on her back as she begins her ride.

For the Less is More portion of the assignment, my initial image depicts Danielle's determination on the RockBoard. I love how her foot is in the air to give that extra oomph to ascend the slight incline.

To breakdown the image, I shot my daughter self-soothing her earlier boo boo. (Yes, she had a wardrobe change after falling and tearing her pants.)

With this shot, I was lying on the ground as she sat on her RockBoard analyzing how she would attack the next segment of the pathway. (She is a cautious determined 6 yr old!)

To further narrow down the scene, I shot her prior to take-off. I am not sure if this is what you were looking for Brooke but in some way I like it. I like that the bolt holding the RockBoard together is in focus but the logo on the front is blurred out as is her foot. I can make out each element but it takes second place. I would love to hear your comments on this one Brooke.

Thanks for reviewing my work - it is greatly appreciated!


Lori Champagne said...

That looks like a fun toy! Nice compositions: hand on the back, boo-boo, contemplating the next move. Next on my wish list is a neutral density filter (or set of them), they are supposed to reduce the washed out look. So common in Calgary with the bright sun this time of year. For now I just keep the circular polarizer on.

Jill said...

You've got some great shots here. Your daughter is going to thank you for all of the wonderful images you have captured of her childhood, the details are wonderful.

Lora said...

really great photos-they really tell a story!

Leigh Ann Hines [Lifestyle Photography] said...

What a cool looking toy. I especially like the shot of the grazed knee.