Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lifestyle Photography

Over the past year, I have made a concerted effort to educate myself on photography principles, techniques and skills. At times I have been SO frustrated I could drive over my camera but I continue to pound my head against the wall to conquer it. Right now I am taking a Lifestyle Photography class from Brooke Snow. I love the concept of this type of photography and while I think it is super important to have tack sharp photos that are technically sound, I remember the reason I started on this path was to augment my storytelling in my scrapbooks. Looking at the scenario from a fresh perspective has been enlightening and somewhat freeing for me.  

So I here I am...onward and forward with learning! Below are my images from Parts 1 and 2 of Assignment 1. 

Part 1 asks for 3 images that depict your character. When I first read the assignment I wondered how I would tackle illustrating the details that characterize my youngest daughter, Danielle. There are many facets to this little person. I wanted to show her emotion, her personality and some likes/dislikes.

Here is her beloved pink blankie - this has been a match made in Heaven. And to capture it on the princess crown pillow, well, does it get any better??? :-)

Danielle has amazing dexterity for a 6 year old. She adores playmobil, polly pockets and littlest pet shops. It cracks me up to see her motoring her creation with her toes! In the background is the bucket of polly pockets where we adds and exchanges the riders!

I am SO glad I caught Danielle's expression here! Who wouldn't love banana flax pancakes with whipped cream and strawberries? Yeah, I thought so. Her expression is priceless to me!

Part 2 asks for 3 images that depict conflict. I am thrown by the word "conflict" - to me, conflict refers to either an internal/external struggle. When I see Danielle interacting, I don't view it as conflict. This concept I need to get my head around it more. 

Danielle has been working hard with her french reading. Imagine my surprise when I learned she had parlayed her reading skills to that of english. Well, so goes the end of leaving little notes here there and everywhere - there are no more secrets!!! 

From a technical standpoint, I am not quite sure of this photo. I had intentionally focussed on her fingers holding the book but I see now that her face was in the same plane. Her face does not look tack sharp but it isn't quite blurred out either. I am open to suggestions on how this photo could have been re-composed.

In this photo, Danielle was racing her toys on the floor. I love that she keeps one eye closed or has hair covering it so she can push it in a straight line :-)

And lastly, here is my munchkin working with her Destination ImagiNation group to create the longest road from the island to the mainland...so they would reverse the shrinking dust!

Brooke - I am open to any and all comments on how I may improve. What this assignment has done for me is to look at a situation and photograph it from different vantage points, with each telling a slightly different story - thank you!

Thanks for dropping by! 


Karla Pitts said...

She is a cutie! Well done.

Leigh Ann Hines [Lifestyle Photography] said...

What a doll. She seems full of personality. Love the toe on the little car.

Lora said...

Such great photos! I really loved looking through these! She is one beautiful little lady! Looking forward to seeing your work next week!

Lori Champagne said...

I love the photo of Danielle racing the car. If you add the technical info about your photos (f-stop, ISO, shutter speed) that can help with comments. I learn a lot about photography that way.

The Digital Illusion said...

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