Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So How Was Your Mother's Day?

I had a great day here! If you can believe it, I slept in until 800 am, yup! And then the girls brought me their cards, some handmade and some purchased (LOL)...but it was receiving my very much wanted immersion blender that made me squeal! Yes, I have wanted an immersion blender for awhile. I like to make soups and I like the soups to be rustic smooth; is that an oxymoron? I like the soup to be thick, kinda smooth but some chunks here and there...and that's what the immersion blender does!

Here I am, first thing in the morning! LOL Morning hair...pajamas that have been cut up to fit over the cast and not looking my best! So why is it that when your husband takes a picture of you, you don't look great but he wants the best side to be in the picture????

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