Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Baby Has Turned 4 Today!!!

I have been kinda dreading this day for awhile...and I know that I cannot stop time but I just didn't want my baby to turn 4 yrs old! Irrational I know - but I have loved her as a sweet, cuddly baby and an exuberant and oh-so-happy-go-lucky 2 yr old (no terrible 2's for us!) and an impy adorable 3 yr why would I want to change any of this? Danielle has been my little shadow since day 1 and she is so affectionate, happy, smiley and cuddly; what more could a Mommy want? So that is why I didn't want her to turn 4 even though I know life with her can only get more exciting and interesting. Tonight Dominic reminded me that in this next year we will see big big changes in Danielle as she moves from the toddler/preschool stage into her preparations of entering kindergarten. I am definitely sad and will shed many a tear when she starts kindergarten. So here is a picture of my baby taken just a few days ago - look at face! Wouldn't you want a wet smoochy kiss and bear hug from her?

So for Danielle's birthday, we spent the day doing whatever we wanted (or strongly suggested by me!) Danielle had the traditional birthday pancakes with chocolate chips - I shook up a bit by adding bananas but they were definitely not a hit! LOL After dropping Madison off at camp, we had a hot chocolate/caramel macchiato at Starbucks and headed to the Farmers' Market. The hours changed so we went to the scrapbook store for a bit of browsing! Then we went back to the Farmers Market to shop for real this time. And how cute was she? Well, she "helped" me get groceries with her Little Tikes shopping cart and we wandered around the market. A highly enjoyable day!

More escapades to report tomorrow - too tired now! Thanks for checking in!


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Ann said...

Awww, she's a beauty.