Monday, July 14, 2008

It's Monday...Yippee!

After a very busy weekend of working on the yard and enjoying bbq's and conversations with great friends, life is back to some semblance of a routine today. Both girls went to camp - Madison, back to her Science camp and Danielle, started at her gymnastics camp. With both girls occupied (not at home), I struggled at first on how best to use my time! Crazy, eh? Yes, I will definitely be a mess when Danielle starts school full-time, that's one thing I know for sure!

Rather than run some much needed errands, I came home instead and took a brisk walk on the paths around the lake; I marvel each time at how beautiful Mother Nature is in all seasons and not just the summer. Look at this picture below - isn't nature beautiful? It is one of my favorite spots to have an impromptu photo shoot and reflect.

With the girls being in camp, there isn't much time to get much done...or as much as I thought I would get done! What was I thinking? After dropping off Madison in the morning, Danielle and I have a "breakfast picnic" on the soccer and rugby fields at the university. Sometimes, she chases the jack rabbits and other times she cheers on the players from the bleachers! Then we do an errand or two and it's time for lunch! And of course, after lunch is one of my most favorite times of the day - yes, nap time! Nap time is cut short this week so that we can then pick Madison up from her camp in the afternoon. We get home at 500 pm to make and have dinner. Then the girls are off playing with their friends until bedtime at 800 pm. So the days go quickly with lots of chores piling up! Oh well, I have fond fond memories of the girls and they are growing up just a little to quickly for me...

I have made a few things in the last week - some princess crown thank you cards, Ann's SSZ challenges of a red/white card and a round card, my card challenge and layout challenge to be revealed tomorrow! I am very excited for my challenges and hope you'll join me for the details tomorrow at SSZ - so sorry, no sneeks - I'll post my newest creations tomorrow!

Have a great night!


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Ok that is an amazing picture.