Sunday, September 23, 2012

Natural Light: Week 1

Welcome back to my blog - it has been 2 months since I have posted anything, yikes! Gosh, life has been busy!!!

Let me start with some photos from Brooke Snow's Natural Light class. I love Brooke and her teaching style. After watching her videos, I am so inspired to practice and practice and practice.

Our assignment this week was Catch Lights and Even Light. Up until a week ago, I "thought" I understood how to capture catch lights. When I looked back at images I recently shot, it looked like there were catch lights in the eyes...but then it got me thinking...did I "really" know how to capture catch lights or did I just get lucky???

So all week long I was practicing the study elements and struggled to shoot with catch lights! What gives??? Eeek! In a last ditch attempt, here are my images from today, shot with a cloudy sky and sinking sun. I so love the glow of the setting sun though :-)

Here is the catch lights...(I hope!)...and yes, this is not a stellar smile on her face!

And no catch lights ...

I look forward to hearing from you!

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