Monday, July 26, 2010

Kiki Art Sneak Peeks!!

I am back! Well, I never left but the last 2 weeks of driving to and fro between summer camps has been tiring! Between drop off and pick up, I had envisioned clearing off my list of errands, working out, visiting with friends, purging the house and so on...but all that happened was finishing the errands, the occassional work out and cleaning! Why does time just slip away so quickly???

Well that doesn't matter now??? I have a whole swack of Kiki Art Sneak Peeks for you this week! So let me kick the week off with sneak of Party Animal.

Well, what do you think? Adorable or what?

What impresses me so much about Kiki Art is the versatility of the papers? These papers would be a match made in Heaven for pictures that are pet related, birthdays and parties (of course), zoo outings, field trips...I could go on and on...

Let your local scrapbook store know that you would love some Kiki Art papers!

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