Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Am SO Proud!!!

I am SO darn proud of my little Danielle! She was selected as Perroquet this month, meaning, Danielle was chosen as the student in her class who worked the hardest and spoke the most French. She was invited to a special lunch with the Principal. Today was the lunch!

Lunch with the Principal, Mme. Celia Barrington, was a pizza lunch. For most kids, that would be a dream lunch but not so for Danielle who doesnt particularly like pizza. Luckily, Ì packed a ham ghost-shaped sandwich, cantelope, strawberries and some graham teddy bear crackers. Danielle was so happy to have an alternative and this is just one thing that makes her so special:-)

Just look at this sweet face...

Is it any wonder why I am sooooo proud???

Danielle has had a pretty special day...and she is one special girl who happens to sing Emilie elephant va ala ecole pretty darn good!

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Ann said...

Yep she's a sweetheart. If I had a little girl I'd love her to be just like her. Congratulations to Danielle!!

Ellen said...

Wow V very exciting things going on in your house! Danielle is looking so grown up, sigh, they grow too quickly!!

Congrats to both girls!

Jen Hoover said...

oh that's WONDERFUL!! tres manifique!! :D or however you spell it ;) LOL I have another non-pizza fan too!