Saturday, December 20, 2008

Only 5 More Sleeps!

This time of year is just so busy! There is Christmas concerts, dance viewings, school parties, gift wrapping and giving, baking, cleaning, planning and so on...but through it all, I love it! Yes, I love the excitement and the general feeling of doing something nice for someone else. I love getting together with family and friends and having no firm commitments to be somewhere and to do something.

Right now, Madison and Danielle are bursting at the seams in anticipation of Santa! Our house smells like gingerbread cookies (love that smell!) and I have just wrapped all the fruitcake I made today. And this year, I am almost scared to say...I am ready! OK so I have a few Christmas cards to tuck into the mail yet but I am almost there! LOL

I have not been around too much as I just had the some nasty GI virus. Goodness, it just wiped me out! It has been a week now and I am still a bit queasy and whoozy and tired. On a more positive note, the ulcer on my leg is healing and the plastic surgeon is happy with my progress. My rheumatologist has been working very closely with me to find the right dose of pain medication as I tough it out until my ulcer heals in its entirety. I so really appreciate my doctor and the much better health I had before this nasty infection took hold.

So a short post tonight as I am quite tired but I'll be back tomorrow with something to show you. I am starting to work on the Scrap Shotz January reveal - if you have ever thought of joining a kit program, do consider this one! Scrap Shotz has amazing and luscious kits month after month! It's like Christmas every month of the year!

Thanks for dropping by!

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Heather M. said...

V - I love your slideshow! It looks awesome! :)

I didn't realize you were feeling so sick, V. That's awful. Wishing you a speedy recovery. :(