Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Advanced Pro: Assignment #4

Inspiration and creativity was our assignment this week. From this class, I have changed how I look at my environment wherever I go. I actually think how viable a location can be for shoots, at what perspective would yield the most flattering images and what would be the best time of day!

My inspiration this week is location. Like real estate, location, location, location is important as is light, light, light. These photos were taken about 30 minutes before the sun was setting - I desperately wished to have captured a few more images from my posing guide....when a passerby wanted to chat about what I was doing and why. Not meaning to be rude, I entertained her questions only to feel saddened (and anxious) about the rapidly setting sun :-) How does one manage these situations?

As with my other assignments, my daughters were my models, somewhat begrudgingly :-) For this location, I was inspired by the gorgeous setting sun against the lake AND I loved the tall flowing grasses that flank the lake area. That golden light is beautiful...sigh...

This image was taken with the sun still bright and "mid" high in the sky but you could definitely see the burnt orange colours. I thought it would be fun to try a silhouette this week to showcase the sunset against the water. If I could reshoot this image, I would stand a bit further back to capture more of the wind blown grasses.

Here is my youngest daughter thinking by the shoreline. For a change, I converted the image to black and white. I am curious if the image would be more impactful with more contrast?

Lastly, here is my daughter waiting and watching the sun get ready to set. I like how the grasses have enveloped her and the golden light on her face. However I do notice the difference of light on her face and next time would move a bit more camera left. What do you think Brooke?

Thanks Brooke - I loved the class!

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