Sunday, April 24, 2011

Catchin' Up!!!

Well, I must confess that I was feeling rather overwhelmed these last 2 weeks in preparation for our Spring Break vacation. Why is it that things appear to compound and spin out of control just before leaving on vacation? Why does everyone *need* everything before one must leave??? Why are all the meetings required to happen before vacation??? It never fails; that is what happens, along with other mishaps along the way.

One of the *must-do* meetings was the Passion for Excellence award Madison received from Melissa Hollingsworth. It was a FABULOUS ceremony. Melissa was an excellent speaker, so much so, that I was moved to tears hearing her story. I also loved how Melissa made time to meet one-on-one with Madison, giving Madison a close and personal interview. Her story was rather timely as Madison has several amazing opportunities in the very near future.

Please indulge me and let me share a few photos of the event.

(I had to drag Danielle to the ceremony as she was home sick with a sinus infection. Our appointment with the pediatrician was in the afternoon. Although she doesn't look very sick in this picture! LOL)

Melissa AND Madison were great sports, including Danielle in this shot.

Melissa and Madison with Mrs. Davidson, the Principal.

The plaque presentation with Mr. Banderk and Mrs. Davidson. (I wish my lens was faster or I had learned to unlock my aperature...sigh...) Technically not the best picture but it captured the spirit of the moment.

Thanks for indulging me and letting me have a proud Mommy moment!

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Ali said...

Awesome awesome awesome!! Congrats to Madison!!!!