Saturday, November 7, 2009

It's Been a Very Long Week!!!

Ugh! H1N1 news is everywhere...and everyone every where is sick. This week, we were hit with sickness. We started the beginning of the week with Danielle and Madison having an asthmatic cough. No problem. A bit of rest. Some steroids and we are off to the races! But as the week progressed, things got worse. Danielle got worse and then I caught it. Every time I get sick, I get scared and pray...please let this not be H1N1. While I am not feeling great, I am on the mend. Yippeee!!!

So let me share some pictures that put a smile on my face!

I stitched this ballgown - fairy princess outfit!!! Me? Can you believe it? Let's just say, it wasn't as "simple" as they said it would be but it was all worth it! Look at the smile on her face!

And here Madison and Danielle are on Halloween Day! Madison didn't want a single shot...I guess it is the age...sigh...

I'll be posting some of my latest scrappy stuff later this week! Thanks for dropping by!


Heather M. said...

wow, v!!!!! those dresses are amazing! you did such a great job!

Ellen said...

V you did a wonderful job on the costumes. I love them and I can see from their smiles they did too!
They will remember that for years to come!!