Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Survived a Crazy Week!

I thought when school was winding down for the year that all of the parental duties would wind down too! But I was so wrong! This past week, it has been crazy busy for me...and my poor blog has been neglected :-(

We have had a major project due (not a proud Mommy moment here as Madison left it to the very last possible moment and I refused to help out alot because I wanted her to learn how to budget her time - all year long I have stepped in to help her and I swore the last time, it would indeed be the last there was alot of tears and grumpiness on her part!). I also whipped up 3 very simple scrapbooks for each of the teachers, made cards and bought the gift certificates; someone remind me again why I volunteered to be the parent coordinator??? And I was baking and cooking all week for the endless parties, it seems???

Oh and did I mention in there I got a root canal? Yup! I was eating nuts last weekend with Danielle and heard a crack. Then my bottom tooth started to throb and it got worse and worse and worse. Did I mention I have not been to a dentist dentist in over 6 years? So I managed to get into the guy that I was supposed to go to...the guy that my periodontist referred me to. I thought I could handle the pain until Thursday but I seriously found it unbearable and I can take alot. Instead of a filling, we ended up doing a root canal at my persistance and it turned out to be the right thing for me!

And now school is over but we are working like dogs today to finish the play Danielle's birthday party is tomorrow! Yikes! Stay tuned!

Thanks for dropping by!

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